March 8, 2013

Let your dreams fly.

Wow. I've come back to this space after so long. (And to add to the drama, I'm using a different font, different from my usual.) So, hi.
I’ve disappeared for so long and you’ll know why! I want to share with you something I’ve done over a couple few months. As most of you know I’m studying Typography, and this year I got around to designing an illustrative typeface. Inspired by a German illustrator and graphic designer, Olle Eksell, I made this typeface – Bird Watching. It was a wonderful, fun process designing this typeface and I HAD to apply this font somewhere. So I designed a vest and bag and these posters for my typeface.
(You can have a look at my portfolio here)

Font poster – Alphabets A-Z upper case and lower case, 0-9 and punctuations.
The vest and the tote.

It was really exciting to bring together Typography and Fashion. There couldn’t be anything better than that for me. I feel like a proud mother who gave birth to a beautiful illustrative (ha!) typeface. What’s better than having MY creation being carried and worn by stylish women? I’m still in the process of getting them printed and stitched, I havn’t priced them yet. In about a month’s time, I’ll post the price, size and details to purchase. None the less, I’d love to have a feedback from you. Would you like to buy these beauties? :)

Sometimes, you really feel so proud about the work you do. Not because you think there’s no one better than you (mind you, that can never happen), but because it’s something you do yourself, a relation you have with yourself. If there are any mistakes made, you learn. If there are moments of appreciation, you pat yourself. The process of learning is a never ending one, I’m lucky enough to know what I’m passionate about, to know that if life beats me up – art will fix it.
But sometimes, you have a rough patch when you think you’re not talented enough, you’re not brave enough, you’re not lovable enough, you’re not smart enough – I carefully chose to call it a phase and let it pass. And those of you reading this, facing this, please don’t call it a phase. A phase is created by you, it doesn’t just come. The problem is, you’re setting high standards for yourself. You expect more from yourself, more than what you’re capable of. This will pull you down, and make you doubt yourself. And no, you DON’T want to go in that dangerous area. Workaholics out there, cut yourself some slack. Go on a holiday, read a book, do what you like, SLEEP. I forced myself to a week long break (because of the circumstances of being unwell, but well, I got myself to take a break, y’know?) I lazed, I read a book, I ran, I ate everything I kept restricting myself from eating, I slept like a damn horse, I ignored calls from haters, I pushed away all my work, I did not think I was losing any sort of opportunity – like how my otherwise delusional self would think. If you’re good at what you do, at all times, opportunity will bang on your doorstep till you take it. And once you know you’re capable of balancing life, go back to it. I can admit I havn’t reached there yet, but soon enough. You can’t hold your dreams tight and expect them to stay with you, while you sit, fearfully. You have to let your dreams fly, and fly with them.

Happy weekend beautiful people and Happy Women's Day, you wonderful women around the world.

Please drop a feedback about the vest and tote, it will be very helpful. :)

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  Until next time,
Bises :*


  1. Lovely design Pranita. Colorful and trendy!

  2. Heyy dear! Glad to see u back :)
    I loveee ur blog and previous posts and even nominated you for an award.. sadly you were on a break creating these awesome stuff! :P
    They are really fun and funky. I love the bag.. the jacket is fun too.. but it looks a little broad in the pics..
    All the best for everything u do!!

    1. Thank you Shreeja. So sorry I missed all the action, thanks for the nomination and the beautiful compliments! :)

  3. Also would really like you to take part in the Women's Day contest on my blog! I think you will do a great job with it!

  4. Love it all miss :)
    Loving the insight :)

  5. BRILLIANT! The vest looks stunning, and so does the tote. You are so creative and inspiring! <3

    Wow. I can totally get what you meant by take a break and I think I should do that. Definitely related with this post a lot and all those words were so true. Creative fields do require tons of work and hence it is only fair to take a break!

    It turned out amazing!


    1. Sonshu, thank you so much! :D
      You must take the well deserved breaks and while at it, don't think about work. It took me so long to get over the pressure, sigh.

      Thanks again, prettiness! :) <3

  6. The vest the vest the vest! Love! You're such a creative girl! Can't wait for them to be available!

  7. Wow, such a nice blog! I know when people have a block phase... anyway, the vest is very nice, but I loooved the tote! Very nice and I'd love to have one! Hope you have a nice weekend! Denise

  8. Hi! very cool it!
    If you want we can follow each other. Just to add to my friends and I will come back to you!

  9. This is fantastic! So amazing to have your typeface printed on a jacket, I'm sure its going to make great sales. And hey, remember I was asking you for help for the MDes Exams? I got into IIT-B Viviual Communication..So thankyou :)

    Shubhi's Revels

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  10. Thats real good stuff! you and Shamie are sooo talented! i love reading your posts! and this one i could totally relate to! I quite often get into that zone ;)

    I love the tote and would definitely want to buy it! Awaiting! :))

  11. My favourite girl has finally posted! Yay! Love it. Also, you are too talented for your own good. You know I adore this vest; I've already 'ordered' one for myself ;) Bring it on, lover.

    And how proud am I to see you talking about taking breaks? You're moving your mountains, little one. And I'm SO proud of you for this.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  12. that so cool. is it for sale? ur really creative..keep up the good work ...btw how did set up the privacy settings for ur photos ? i know the details ..even i have a blog so it would be a great help ...thank you

  13. Wow. This is great! I am in love *_*

    I follow you via GFC.
    You would made my day if you follow me back <3
    Have a nice day xoxo

  14. Such a nice blog you have got here hun.
    And this typeface is so cool!
    You should blog more often!

  15. you stole those words from my min! hahaha
    i feel the same way. and yes opportunity bangs on the dorrstep if you're really good at what you do. But unfortunately my family thinks just the opposite.
    anyways, keep it up. i love the designs also. Do visit my blog sometime. We could probably keep in touch thrugh fb..

  16. Love the tote! very cute. I just started a fashion blog recently and would love for you to check it out. Follow for a follow on GFC and Bloglovin? xx