December 21, 2012

For the love of Typography 2

Hello! Today,I'm going to share with you one of the best experiences. About a week or so ago, my college allowed us to conduct seminars and workshops on Typography. It was such a brilliant experience, my friend & I held a fun music-typography workshop called 'Lyrical Type'
Here's the poster we made to advertise for our workshop, followed by the poster [not made by me] of the main event.

The seminars were such a hit, everyone did well. We compressed months of research in 20minutes presentations. So, hard work paid off. Yay :D
The workshop we(Kunj & I) conducted went really well too. I'll give you a gist of how it happened. 
It all began in the beginning of this year. We discovered our love towards lettering, we kept doodling and scribbling for each other, made funky art, drew crazy quirky typefaces & developed our own styles. We have a very similar style but still distinctively different. And when we heard about getting a chance to conduct a workshop, we jumped at the opportunity.
Our main goal was to spread the love for lettering, to give people the freedom to do what they like and enjoy it at the same time. All through these years, we have learnt design rules that we follow. So we wanted to help people to break out from that box. Do what you want, go all over the paper and most important - enjoy what you're doing. Only when you truly enjoy what you're doing, being absolutely fearless, will you make good designs.
Lyrical Type- Inspired by a similar typography workshop done before, we decided to conduct this workshop. We were really pumped by the response we got at the registration, there were so many people who wanted to attend our workshop. From art to non-art students, graduates, graphic designers, juniors interested in Typography & so on.

At the registration desk

We spoke to our bunch of 19 talented participants about Typography and Lettering in general, how we want them to relax, enjoy the music and do what they want to do, we showed them lots of well designed lettering styles for inspiration and gave them little tips about layout and colour balancing.
We chose a song [New Shoes- Paulo Nutini] and gave each participant 2 lines to make a good layout on. The workshop was for 4 hours so they had plenty time to make rough sketches & finalize a good layout. It was a great experience to be teaching instead of being taught. Each participant was enthusiastic and excited to make good designs. Teaching indeed teaches you a lot.


 We wanted to open their minds, be able to explore more and to express exactly how they want to. It was such a success! :) The food was so yummy too, especially the cheese corn samosas!
 And that was an end to a fabulous day, we put together everybody's layout that night and made a video. 
View it on youtube, you can leave comments too. :)

It was such a great experience and I cannot wait to conduct many more workshops! I hope it made a good impact on all the participants and they never forget the workshop. It wouldn't be possible without the help of our Typography Guru, Mrs. Manasi Keni, who helped us to reach where we have, my college to be overly cooperative, the wonderful participants to be as interested as us & the photographers (Omkar,Pratik,Rohit & Amish).

This is the feedback we received from some of the participants

And that brings an end to another busy month. Phew! How did you like my workshop? :)

[What I wore: Pink shirt - AJ Store, necklace - bangkok, jeans - ONLY]

Until next time,
Bises :*

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  1. I love it and love the fact that you are so passionate about something. :D

    Great job :D