November 19, 2012

Shirts! Shirts! Shirts!

Shirts shirts shirts shirts! How I love shirts! I've been eying, buying, designing and stitching shirts! I've stored so many beautiful pieces, here's a few of them.

Photo credits : All over the internet. If anybody claims to know any photo owner, please link me so I can credit them.

Probably why I like shirts...
And a few posts where i wore shirts...
Why I really like shirts :

1) I love anything with buttons
2) Wear them to a formal meeting. Unbotton a few buttons from the bottom, tie. Head out to have some fun!
3) I really love folding up my sleeves.

4) My large collection of statement necklaces get noticed more.
5) Shirts never look shabby!

Charlie Harper has been such a big inspiration. I've always loved his bowling shirts & made mental notes to design a Charlie Harper inspired shirt. And then I did.

Will do a post wearing this shirt soon.
Also, the weather in my city is getting so chilly and cold (which never usually happens) & I'm so excited about this! Time to wear layers of clothes! Yay! :)

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Until next time,


  1. Yay. Love to see you posting, and shirts are my personal favourite, so double yay.


    Love, Miffalicious.[]

  2. Hey cool post! i love shirts tooo... nothing can b as smart as shirts!
    Love ur blog.. following u now..follow me if u like my blog.. :)

  3. I love shirts too! And the baggy ones are the best. They hide those flabs too!

  4. Eee loving shirts too :) specially with fun quirky prints, under a cardigan!