November 22, 2012


Let me tell you a story today. The story of how I realised there's more to colours than my box of 12 crayons oil pastels. (Never used from the back, paper carefully torn only when needed.)
When I was little, I was the quiet inquisitive child, the curly headed girl with hair in her face at all times. I would always sit in a corner and draw, sprawl on the balcony floor counting the cars passing by (still do that), or just sit in a crowded room and observe people, listen to their conversations, judge them(still do that in buses and trains). My favourite eavesdropping sessions would be those around my parents. Their conversations would always crack me up, help me learn something or check for new words in the dictionary. But on many occasions, I wouldn't understand what they're talking and wonder what the hell is cyan,magenta,yellow,black. I mean I knew yellow and black were colours (magenta then was a darker shade of pink for me and cyan remained unidentified.)

Mom: 60 cyan will look better, right? Dad: Most definitely!
Dad: I bought a new shirt, its in the bag, its 10 cyan, 65 black. (Couldn't he just say teal? It would be so much easier to look up the dictionary!)

My box of crayons were limited to 12 shades, alright. I knew there were many more shades of colours, but why are numbers associated with colours?
And a couple of years later, when we learnt computers in school, we were introduced to Photoshop. Knowing my habit of wanting to know everything about something new, I stayed up nights and spent time editing one photo of myself on the software. And that is when I understood... CMYK. I explored more, kept creating new things, kept designing. A few months later, I knew what I wanted to be in life. And here I am, on my way up the ladder. :)

I decided to share this story with you, when I tweeted a couple days ago.
 How I love my parents!

2days ago, I decided to wear this hand-me-down by my mom. She purchased this from Kashmir during her college days. The embroidery is hand done and thats what makes it more special. I wore it on my black shirt and went to college. My classmate (a budding photographer) had bought his camera & this called for a quick shoot!

 Jacket - Hand-me-down by mom, bangles - vintage, shirt - AJ Store, leggings - westside, flip flops -west view.

 Photography by Bhushan Jain, photos edited by me.

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  2. I'd never know the perks of being born to designer parents, but you seem blessed. :)

    And that vest is gorgeous!

  3. I love your blog!
    Its extremely cute as you seem to be a very bubbly person.

  4. I see BEAUTIFUL tread work on your jacket. Cheers to your mom:)

    Eccentric Connoisseur

  5. love the color and the print of the embroidery!
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    Best, Zia

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